activewearX is a top destination online for Australians looking for fitness clothing. We proudly support Australians in all forms of exercise, from the gym, hiking, yoga, on the beach and more. We carefully hand select the different pieces of activewear on our site from a range of different brands. Whatever style, type of clothing, or look you need, you can find it by visiting our site. Our stylists and fitness experts ensure a range of options for everyone, from leggings, tops, tights, shorts and more. and we are proud of how integral it has become as part of the activewear industry in the country.

Helping men and women of all shapes and sizes
activewearX is inspired by the needs and passion of Australians looking to establish a healthier lifestyle, workout, and get the proper support in their exercise clothing while also looking great and being comfortable. But it is also great for wearing to the cafe for a coffee with friends, around the home, or popping to the shops! Their experts are passionate about choosing the best options for all, men and women, old and young, curvy or slim, they provide options for everyone. Be confident as you support Australian brands and designers.

Convenient activewear shopping
When you are looking for new activewear and you cannot get to a store, or you prefer to shop from home, going online with activewearX is the perfect solution. Convenient and easy clothing shopping whether for the home, gym, outdoors or just a walk down the street. The website is easy to navigate, the different types of activewear are easy to find and search for, and the ordering process is simple and smooth. This is the destination for all activewear and fitness clothing. Find many different brands all at reasonable prices. Also included are brands that focus on sustainability and ethical activewear so together you can have a more positive impact on the world.

activewearX goals

1. To offer activewear in a range of styles and sizes so that customers looking for clothing suited to any exercise or activity can find what they need.
2. To offer brands across a range of different stylists but all at a high-quality.
3. To make shopping for activewear easy and convenient for all Australians so that they become a one-stop destination.
4. To sell clothing that gives the support, flexibility and comfort that Australians need in their workout clothing.
5. To be a leader in activewear sales in Australia and to move towards sustainability.

How to Wash Activewear and Workout Clothes

Here, we’ll not only talk about how to wash sports clothes properly but also dish out lots of advice on how to care for your activewear.

If you’re ready to learn how to wash stinky gym clothes (eww!) and all kinds of smelly workout clothes remedies, we’ve got the answers.

Here are the top 10 tips on how to wash soiled and smelly activewear:

1. Wash your workout clothes ASAP

2. Air out your soiled gym attire

3. Turn them inside-out

4. Hand-wash your activewear

5. Wash your gear in cold water

6. Avoid putting too much detergent

7. Never use fabric softener

8. Wash gear made from similar fabrics

9. Wash with like colours

10. Invest in a laundry bag


Be confident
Whatever workout or activity you love to do, or if you are ready to take on a new challenge and exercise routine, activewearX has the best clothing online. Find clothing that is flexible where you need it to be, does not slide around and gives you the confidence to achieve what you want to achieve. activewearX is passionate about making sure its customers have the best clothing for exercise. Avoid injury, sores, overheating, sunburn and more, by finding exactly what you need every time you visit their online store.



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