Acu-Vib Electronics is a NATA accredited calibration laboratory in the field of Acoustics and Vibrations for over 25 years.

We pride ourselves on our accurate testing facilities and fast turnaround of your instruments.

Specialising in regular certification in accordance to the Australian Standards of Sound and Vibration analysers, for all products from around the world.

Calibration scope includes:
Sound Level Meters
Ground and Building Vibration Analysers
Acoustic & Vibration Calibrators
Whole body & Hand Arm Vibration Meters
Noise Dosimeters
Acoustic Microphones
Accelerometers & Geophones


For a full detailed description of our scope of accreditation, view the NATA website.

Contact us today, to enquire about calibration information of your meters, pricing and turnaround.

Where appropriate, Acu-Vib uses the rules for judgement of compliance (pass/fail) from the appropriate standard. In the few cases where this is not available in older standards such as for noise dosimeters a substitute method such as for sound level meters is used.

By customer request, a calibration sticker is attached to each calibration job with a suggested re-calibration date shown. The default re-calibration period for most equipment is one year or that recommended in the NATA calibration annexes. If our valued customer requires a specific re-calibration period or no calibration sticker they can advise us of that situation.


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