Moving interstate or internationally? Fernando's DIY Self Pack Container Removals will save you thousands and help you safely and affordably move all of your furniture, beds and household items door to door interstate or overseas.

Fernando's Half Price Removals achieves this through their DIY Removals services.

We know that moving is difficult and expensive but by using our DIY Self Pack Removal services will enable you to save thousands by self-loading and unloading when relocating your house or business. Our 20 foot shipping containers can move all of the items from a 3 bedroom house all in one go.

Fernando's Half Price Removals uses specialised trucks to carefully pick up and place the shipping contains onto the ground making the loading process much easier as you won't have to lift times into the back of a truck.

There are quite a few benefits by using our DIY Removal Services, which include cost saving by removing the need to pay for the labour of loading and unloading your property.

There is less pressure to move everything as fast as possible as there is a three day time frame to load and then another three days to unload at the destination.

No need to worry about transportation as all transportation of the shipping container is co-ordinated with proven top quality road, rail and sea going contractors.

Better security as no one else will share access to your container, you can place your lock on the container doors and you will control who has access from the time it is delivered to your current home to the time until it is delivered to your new home.

Finally you also can benefit from on going storage. You can leave your goods in the shipping container in storage on your site our at ours for as long as you like while searching for a house, building or even just cleaning.

If your thinking of moving, remember Fernando's Half Price Removals for safe, affordable transportation of your belongings.


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