At Innovative Dental we practice holistic dental care, dedicated to achieving the best results through proactive orthodontics, beautiful cosmetic solutions, and expert general dentistry. By utilizing the latest advanced dental technology and combining it with gentle, skillful practice, our team works hard to create your dream smile.

Our Dental Services

Clear aligners: At Innovative Dental Moonee Ponds, we specialize in a highly proactive approach to orthodontic dentistry. With a focus on both correcting existing issues and promoting overall dental health, we’re confident that you’ll love the aesthetic and functional benefits our orthodontic dentistry can provide.

Cosmetic Dentistry: At Innovative Dental, our years of experience and expertise means we have access to every possible cosmetic dentistry solution. In close conjunction with you, Dr. Eshak and the team will utilise a combination of approaches and techniques to transform your smile and improve your overall dental and oral health.

Dental Implants: A dental implant is simply a small screw fitted into a gap between your existing teeth. This post not only provides a solid foundation for a natural-looking crown, but also promotes the structural integrity of surrounding teeth. At Innovative Dental, we recommend dental implants for their functional and aesthetic benefits. With a quality implant and crown, your smile and your ability to bite and chew can be perfectly restored.

Orthodontics: At Innovative Dental Moonee Ponds, we’ve built our seventeen-year practice on a dedication to skilful, caring, and holistic dentistry. With this commitment in mind, we’re proud to offer a variety of proactive orthodontic options to help you create your dream smile.

Many dental issues such as misaligned teeth, crowding, and bite problems can be fixed without traditional braces. Realigning teeth has more than just aesthetic benefits – straight teeth minimise the likelihood of tooth decay and infection, and also improve your bite, allowing you to bite and chew normally.

General Dentistry: In addition to expertise in cosmetic dentistry, our years of combined experience has solidified our place as one of Melbourne’s most trusted general dentists. With the skilful practice and continued innovation of Principal Dentist Dr. Naser Eshak and his dedicated team, plus our commitment to using only the latest dental technology, we’re confident in offering everything from the most routine check-ups to the most complex emergency dental consultations.

The Innovative Dental team are friendly, understanding, and always dedicated to achieving the best possible dental results. All treatment plans are personalised to your unique needs, and questions are always welcome. With a commitment to holistic and preventative dental care, we’re passionate about restoring smiles and improving health.










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