At InterACT Global, we are an international psychometric testing company and the suppliers of psychometric testing tools for clients in Australia, South Africa and in the United Kingdom. We can help you and your business or organisation with:

·        DISC assessments to determine an individual’s behaviour preferences, motivators and potential limitations to overcome.

·        TEIQUE assessment – an emotional intelligence assessment integrating emotions, aspects of an individual’s personality and their intelligence.

·        Workplace engagement assessment – an integrated matrix to assist with managing, developing and retaining talent.

·        Work values assessment which identifies the passions driving your people and

·        Remote working questionnaire – a crucial assessment for the new age of remote working and work from home arrangements.


If you are a human resources professional or an interested individual, we provide psychometric testing training and accreditation, as well as DISC training.


Specifically for professionals look to upskill and improve their careers, we provide leadership development training and sales success training as well.


Visit us on the web today to find out more about what we do and how we can help you, your business, your organisation or your teams and individual employees to reach towards their full potential.


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