Melbourne Headache Solutions provides comprehensive solutions to headaches and migraines. Treating the cause of your pain, not just your symptoms.

Our practitioners are dedicated to helping headache, migraine and dizziness sufferers find a better quality of life after years of suffering. Many headache, migraine and dizziness sufferers will have had scans (e.g. X-rays, MRIs) that have come back clear, had multiple forms of manual therapy that have provided little to no relief, seen doctors or neurologists that have prescribed medication for the pain and symptoms but you are still left suffering. Surely there is something better out there?

​Here at Melbourne Headache Solutions we offer a different approach.

Headache and migraine commonly treated conditions:

Migraines without aura
Migraines with aura
Tension type headaches
Chronic daily headaches
Vestibular migraines
Hormonal headaches/migraines
Cluster headaches
Silent migraines
​Hemiplegic migraines
Dizziness commonly treated conditions:

Vestibular Migraine
Postural persistent perceived dizziness (PPPD)
Post concussion syndrome​
Visually induced dizziness (VID)
A medication free approach – We do not prescribe or dispense medication or drugs, but we will work with your GP and any other specialist who is helping manage your condition.

Improvement can be expected within a short time frame – We expect to see significant changes in your headache/migraine symptoms within a short time frame. These changes can include a decrease in the intensity, frequency, duration, response to medication and/or response to an exercise that we might give you. But have no fear...we do not leave you hanging if treatment is not suitable for you. We will always help guide you towards the next steps/pathway towards finding your long term results because our ultimate goal is for you to be free from your headaches, migraines and/or dizziness.

Long term improvement without the need for ongoing treatment or medication – Whilst we cannot guarantee successful outcomes for everyone, we know that the vast majority of patients experience significant reduction, if not total resolution, in their recurring headache, migraine and/or dizziness issues, even if they have been experiencing their pain for over 20 years.

Many forms of treatment for headaches, migraines and dizziness are about treating the symptoms however we work to treat the cause of your pain so that long term results can be achieved.
During the initial consultation, your practitioner will take a comprehensive case history, perform a thorough assessment, perform treatment (if clinically indicated), give you a detailed explanation about headaches and migraines and what you can do to prevent them coming back, as well as a detailed treatment plan.

If you are sick of suffering and only having treatment aimed at symptom relief, speak to us today about how we can help you.


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