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OZ Sales Group is an online shopping store where you can buy a range of products including AGM Batteries, lifepo4 lithium batteries, best-led hoverboard, self-priming pool pump, 170ah AGM battery, 12v pure sine wave inverter, 40kg & 20kg adjustable dumbbells, 2000w & 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter, and so for the cheap and best rate.

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Our Products

Deep Cycle Batteries: We have a range of fresh stock batteries under this section including deep cycle AGM batteries for sale which can be used for various electric equipments.
Auto Accessories: We have a vast collection of high-quality accessories for affordable rates.
Lithium Batteries:  We have the best lithium batteries for sale. Our lithium rechargeable batteries have high round-trip efficiency and power density.
Pool Pumps: We have all types of electric pool pumps single-speed, two-speed and variable speed pumps. You can buy an electric water pump for the best and most comprehensive price from us.
Electric Scooter & Hoverboards: We have a huge collection of brand new portable 600w electric scooters for adults. Electric scooters for sale and self-balancing hoverboards for sale on our website are completely safe and highly durable.
Electric Inverters: We have a range of inverters with different Amp values, buyers can pick any according to their need.
Why Choose Us?

OZ Sales Group has a huge collection of products under various categories like Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Furniture, Gift & Novelty, Auto Accessories, Electronics, and so. Consumers can buy weight plates or any other favourite items from our online store for the cheap and best rate.

Large Range of Quality Products
Easy Return Policy
Free Next Day Express Shipping for Orders Above $100
Exciting Deals & Offers
12 Month Warranty
100% Buyer's Satisfaction
Our Expertise

OZ Sales Group is a part of an international online retailer, offering a wide range of products for a low price on the online shopping outlet for Australian people.

Some of the popular products are hoverboards for beginners with lights, standard weight plate sets, industrial swimming pool pumps, 12v lithium batteries, and so

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OZ Sales Group is an Australian eCommerce business that offers an excellent online shopping experience to Australian people. Check our online shopping portal to know more about our product lists.

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Unit 2, 5 Clare St, Bayswater VIC 3153

+61 414 684 786


5 Clare St, Bayswater VIC 3153, Australia

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