Rosense – The World’s finest rose-based cosmetic manufacturer from Turkey now planned to launch their branches in Australia and NZ in 2021. Rosense Australia is a specialist on manufacturing rose-based skincare, body care and personal care products.
We, Rosense Australia offers 15% launch discounts for the buyers who subscribe with our mailing list. Our subscribers will get all the up-to-date information regarding our products and new launches. People from Melbourne and Sydney will be more beneficial as we focused on covering those regions initially.
Products we offer
1. Rose water
2. Rose water spray
3. Facial toner
4. Facial mist
5. Facial moisturizer
6. Skincare products
7. Sensitive skin
8. Acne products
9. Oily skin products
10. Buy rose water
Why Choose Us?
Turkey-based Rosense Company has its main field of activity in the production of rose-based cosmetic and food products. It is an establishment of Rose oil company GULBIRLIK which serving in the rose industry right from 1954.
Apart from those, here are the few vital factors that make Rosense Company as unique rose water and rose-based cosmetic manufacturer.
• Wide Range of Rose Cosmetic Products
• Cosmetic Products in International Standards
• High-Quality Cosmetics for Affordable Price
• Constantly Refreshed Cosmetic Products
• ROSENSE is an establishment of GÜLBİRLİK
Our Experience
As a world popular brand, Rosense mostly doesn’t require any form of marketing to reach the target audience. By the way, Rosense is the establishment of the popular rose oil company “GULBIRLIK”.
Rosense was established in 2005 and ever since it never gets faded from the limelight. Fashionists around the world mostly prefer Rosense cosmetic brands for enhancing their appearance. Being an establishment of the famous rose water company “GULBIRLIK” we don’t need any special promotion for our cosmetic products which are from rose extraction.
We are the leaders when it comes to rose water, and rose water spray. For those who interested in buying rose water with the highest standard in the market, opting Rosense could be the best and wise choice.
Location We Serve
Rosense is a world-famous cosmetic brand from Turkey. The headquarters of world-famous rose cosmetic company Rosense located in Isparta, a city located in the western part of Turkey. However, we are about to open our branches in Australia and New Zealand. Our Rosense Australia branch will locate where we can cover entire Melbourne, Sydney and some other important cities of Australia.
Get it in touch with Rosense Australia through our official site: to get up-to-date details of our grand opening.
Contact Us
To know more about Rosense cosmetic and to get more details on when and where we are going to open our branch in Australia, New Zealand, feel free to get in touch with us. Here we have given our official web address along with the mail ID; interested people can contact us to know about Rosense Australia.
Mail ID:


Roxburgh Park VIC 3064, Australia

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