When it comes to auto body shops, auto restoration specialists in Melbourne at Square One Factory should be your preferred choice. We specialise in custom auto restoration services, metal polishing services, sandblasting, ultrasonic cleaning and other automotive services in Melbourne.

State-of-the-art Hydroblasting and Sandblasting Services in Sunshine West

As a leading auto restoration specialist in Melbourne, we provide you with unmatched technical expertise to help fulfil your automotive project goals. Our team can restore, repair and maintain all of the mechanical systems on your classic car, truck or motorcycle. Browse through our hydroblasting services in Melbourne, view our work and completed hydroblasting projects in Sunshine West.

Using performance-engineered abrasives and precision linear location, our metal abrasive blasting in Melbourne also deliver rough surface finishes for specific applications. As a reputed sandblasting specialist in Melbourne, our services are widely acknowledged by clients for our quality, on time delivery, long serviceability and cost-effectiveness. The services we provide will avoid corrosion/rusting of iron, steel, aluminium, etc.results in longevity and durability of your parts or structures.

Ultrasonic Cleaning is cost-effective and good for the environment.

Square One Factory offers ultrasonic cleaning services by using high-frequency sound waves to produce a vigorous and thorough cleansing action that covers external parts and hard to reach internal cavities of objects. By providing a thorough cleaning that is both safe for the item and the environment, our cleaning service has proven its effectiveness and importance when cleaning highly sensitive materials, parts, and technology used in automotive and other industrial applications.

At Square One Factory, we want to breathe new life into your car. Our automotive restoration service and aqua blasting service will cover all bases to bring your automobile back to life, looking and driving as beautifully as the day it was manufactured. To speak with one of our hydroblasting restoration specialists in Melbourne, contact us online or call us today at 03 9314 3413 to schedule a free pickup service.


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