If you are a sports enthusiast and looking forward to being a professional sportsperson, or if you want your kid to grow up playing soccer or football and make a career in the sporting fraternity, the first thing you need is world-class products that will help the development of skills.

We are proud to state that at That Training Ball, we come up with the best quality sporting products that not only help in the development of the right skills but confidence, which help in the making of quality sportspersons.

Products we come up with

● Junior Australian Rules One Touch Training Rugby Balls (for trainees between age 7 and 12)

●  Men’s Leather Australian Rules One Touch AFL Ball

● Ladies & Girls Leather Australian Rules One Touch Training Football – Woman’s Size 4AFL

● Teenage Australian Rules Leather One Touch Ross Faulkner Training Ball Size 4

● Goal Posts

● Football Tees

● Soccer Ball Size 3 training ball

● Soccer Size 3 Practice Soccer Ball – Deluxe Model

● Practice Soccer Ball Size 5 - Deluxe Model for Training

● Football Trainer Soccer Ball Size 5 Training Ball

● Soccer Ball Size 4 training ball


Why Choose Us?

● We are one of the most prominent names, offering a wide range of football and soccer training equipment.

● All of our products strictly adhere to Australian standards.

● Our training balls for both soccer as well  AFL are made up of the lightest and the best materials that the trainees will find themselves always at ease with, regardless of the weather

● We have equipment for every age group and both men and women

● They are seamlessly delivered at cost-effective prices with no hidden cost


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Sydney NSW, Australia

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