What to consider when investing in a LPO for sale?

When looking for a LPO for sale there are many factors to consider, this is not to scare anyone away from the potential of becoming a Licensee to an Australian Post office, more so to make sure you are getting set up for success and smooth sailing for the process ahead.

LPOs are more than just a post office, they are the opportunity for other small businesses to join and be a conjunction to the post office, small businesses like a pharmacy, lotto agency or a news agency are some examples of a conjunctioning business to the lpo for sale.

Buying an LPO

You can find an LPO for sale through many avenues, a popular source is a local newspaper under the Businesses For Sale sections. Although this does have many businesses for sale, not all will be listed here. Some LPOs for sale will be listed privately by the vendor while others can be found through an Agent. Nonetheless you will need to do your research and contact an LPO Advice team that can help you find the perfect LPO for sale for you.

Here are some major factors to take note of and look for when you are on the hunt for that perfect LPO.


Location is a major aspect purchasing a LPO. Is the LPO for sale in a regional area? If so, what is nearby that brings people to that particular post office? What makes it attractive for people to use? If the LPO is suburban is it close to businesses to have easy access to it? Is it at a University?

Don’t ever overlook what businesses are and aren’t around you, it can be an option for expansion.


Is the current LPO for sale owned or is it under lease? This may seem like a small thing to consider but it does need to be thought about when you are looking into the LPO industry. Make sure you seek professional LPO Advice when you are going through these details.

Size of premises, condition of premises.

The size of the premises and the conditional state of the premises can have a large impact on the pricing of the LPO for sale. Make sure you thoroughly inspect the LPO for sale and have a professional LPO advisor there to help inspect the property/building.

Size of any conjunction premises, lotto agency, chemists, news agencies.

When you are buying an LPO for sale you will need to check the size of the conjunction business that you will be working with. You need to also need to be aware of the amount of income they will be bringing in on their behalf and the income you will be bringing in on the post office part of the business.

Because there are so many different types of conjunction businesses that could be connected to your post office a condition of premises and a contents of disclosure document must be drawn up to ensure the best functionality for all combining businesses under the LPO.


Training will be provided by Australia Post to the incoming Licensee to ensure they are competent with running an LPO.

The training will include face-to-face sessions at a state head office, self-paced CDs and workbooks as well as on-the-job experience at a retail outlet. All the travel and accommodation costs for the trip and training will be at your own expense. All training must be completed to the Australian Post standard prior to assignment/transfer and handover of the business.

It can take up to 90days for the transfer/assignment to be processed. Each stage must be reviewed carefully before going onto the next stage, the four stages of process is; Information Request, Assessment and Selection interview, Australia Post training and then signing of the agreement.

Your eligibility to own a post office prior to purchase is a vital component to check. Australia post must approve the incoming licensee. Trustworthiness, reliability and the ability to keep customers’ business confidential is crucial. Ensure you have all the suitable documentation before going any further with an LPO purchase. For example you will need an asset and liability statement as well as a site-specific business plan including goals for the business.

When you are looking for a LPO for sale keep in mind all of these points and seek professional LPO Advice when you begin to go through this process.


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