Sick of a foul-smelling urinal? Are you tired of expensive plumber costs caused by blocked pipes? Upset with wet floors around your urinals? Then you need Urinal Cake's range of specialty urinal cleaning and maintenance products!

Urinal mat: The revolutionary design stops blockages from foreign objects entering your pipework. It also stops splashback thanks to its unique design. If that wasn't enough, it also smells great!

Urinal blocks: The unique composition has four significant benefits: 1, it's water-based, so if it slips into the drain, it won't block the pipe like other urinal blocks. 2, each block lasts over 30 days, the longest-lasting urinal block on the market! 3, it reduces the uric scale in your pipes, meaning it actively cleans the pipes. Finally, 4, it makes your bathroom smell clean!

Urinal cleaner: Another star product from Urinal Cake, the very best you'll find! Cheap, effective, and biodegradable! This multi-strain enzyme-based cleaner kills those strange smells, removes the hardest and smelliest dirt. As it's pH neutral it doesn't damage the pipes! It can be used on water and waterless urinals!

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