Are you in search of a reliable company that provides residential and commercial solar panel installation services in North Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast? Your search ends here as we at AP Solar & Batteries offer the service at a cost that will never break the bank.

We have some of the best solar installers in our team in North Brisbane and equipped with our resources, we always complete the installation on time and take all safety precautions. Also, apart from the installation service, we provide a wide range of rooftop solar panels in North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast to meet your varied power requirements. What’s more, all of these come at attractive prices because we aim to reduce the energy bills from all residential and commercial areas.

We can assist you in choosing the right solar panel to meet your power requirements with the guidance of our founder Anthony Pilat who aims to make solar solutions cost-effective and easily accessible.

Our solar panels come with a high-quality inverter and the best-quality solar battery storage system in North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Furthermore, our electricians installing these systems are licensed and experienced and have CEC Installation Accreditation.

Our Solar Packages

We provide three types of solar packages depending on your requirements. They are

> 6.6kw Solar System

In this system we include

> 5kw Sungrow Premium Inverter and 18 x Seraphim Panels

> 5kw Abb Inverter and 370w Longi Panels

> 5kw Fronius Primo Inverter and 18 x 370w Longi Panels

> 5kw Fronius Primo Inverter and 19 x 350w Q-Cells Maxx Mono Panels

> 5kw Hybrid Inverter (Battery Ready) and 18 x 370w Seraphim Panels.

> 10.36 kW Solar System

Here we include

> 8kw Sungrow Premium Inverter with Sungrow Energy Meter and 28 x 370w Seraphim Panels.

> 10.79kw Solar System

Here we provide

> 8.2kw Fronius Inverter with Fronius Smart Meter and 29 x 370w Longi Panels.

> 13.3kw Solar System

In this system, we include

> 10kw Sungrow 3 phase Inverter and 36 x 370w Seraphim Panels

> 10kw Abb 3 phase Inverter and 36 x 370w Seraphim Panels

> 10kw Fronius Symo Inverter and 36 x 370w Longi Panels

Why Choose Us

> We provide high-quality solar panels and installation services

> Our installers are licensed and have CEC Installation Accreditation

> Our solar panels and installation services are affordable

> We provide the installation services following all safety precautions

> If you have queries we will solve them patiently


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