Helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle. 71% of men and 56% of women in Australia are obese or overweight. It’s a staggering statistic but demonstrates just how many people out there are struggling with an unhealthy lifestyle. By the time you consider obesity surgery, you will likely have been battling a weight problem for much of your life and have tried many different diets, appetite suppressants, antidepressants and other weight loss medications. These techniques may have resulted in temporary or limited success but in many cases, any weight loss will be rapidly regained and sometimes exceeded. Dr Ian Martin and his team at Brisbane Weight Loss Surgery have been helping patients recapture their good health and enjoyment of life for over 20 years. We understand that surgery is a significant step and our patients need ongoing support to achieve their weight loss goals. Significant weight loss is achievable, giving you more energy, reduced health issues, improved self esteem, and the chance at a new way of life.


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