Carpet Cleaning Edgecliff has been the most successful Carpet Cleaning company in the City. Unlike big corporations or foreign advertisers, we are always available for you. Our most popular Services are Carpet steam cleaning and predicament extraction, Carpet stain, different stains, carpet shampooing and carpet sanitization. No matter if your carpet has small holes or frayed edges, we can restore them all. Our skilled, trained and professional staff will inspect your carpet and then use various cleaning solutions that include spot treatment, sensitizing, odor removal, and spot treatment. This ensures efficient carpet cleaning at a competitive price. Natural and environmentally-friendly cleaning agents will be used to remove the spots, without causing damage to carpet fibres. This will help keep the environment clean. Organic products are used to remove those stubborn spots from carpets. Call us at 02 8074 1798 to schedule a Carpet Cleaning Service in your area.


Edgecliff, 2027, New South Wales, Australia

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