We at Casey Hydroponics, try and educate our customers in the easiest and wholesome way of growing plants(consumables). Keeping in mind the average human consumes approximately 16 kilograms of chemicals a year through food groups, its not hard to realize we all should be growing our own foods therefore knowing exactly what we are being fed. No more excuses of not enough land, as the best way to grow is in artificial light situations indoors.

A Totally controlled enviroment, meaning no pests,bad weather,air borne diseases,moulds,rust,etc. The advantage you get, is to totally control all conditions in your grow room according to what you're growing. An average 1x1mtr hydro room would ,with obvious caring, produce up to seven times the produce in a year comparing to the organic equivalent.

We welcome you to the easy world of hydroponics and trust any feedback, including questions or knowledge you might like to pass on would be much appreciated by email or fax. We cater for hobbyists and commercial growers selling all high quality products not only for value for money but to make hydroponics both fun and affordable to anyone wanting an alternative food source. Any plant can be grown hydroponically.


2-4 The Arcade, Junction Village VIC, Australia

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