If you’re looking for a durable and economical flooring option, that is both aesthetically pleasing and long lasting, consider epoxy flooring. A great choice for high-traffic areas in residential, commercial and industrial settings, epoxy flooring is customisable to suit your vision. Here at Concrete Floor Renovations, we offer a wide variety of both clear and solid colour epoxy flooring finishes. Epoxy flooring features a mix of polymer resins and hardeners that chemically bond together to create a rigid floor coating. With a smooth and shiny finish, clear epoxy looks similar to polished concrete. It is also available in a range of solid colours to suit various industries. For epoxy flooring with additional interest, we also offer vinyl flake flooring. It has all of the benefits of standard epoxy, with multi-coloured chips in the mixture to create a decorative finish. Call us to find out if epoxy flooring is right for you.


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