CrossFit Revenant is a state-of-the-art CrossFit Workout centre located at Wangara. As a premier 'Member Experience' CrossFit Gym, our facility offers a complete health solution program through multiple Specialty Training Programs.

At Crossfit Revenant, we believe that everybody is unique, so we help you create your own goals and show you how to achieve those through a combination of effective fitness routines, nutrition programs and personal training.

CrossFit: Our CrossFit Workout Program is a high-intensity training program that consists of constantly varied functional movements. Our group of trainers comes with the highest experience in the industry. They are highly capable of providing workout instruction by scaling and adapting CrossFit Gym Programs in a manner that is specific and unique to each member for optimum output. Our workouts are planned in advance using an effective and scientific approach that helps to guarantee physical progress that you can retain for years.

Nutrition: Our CrossFit programs in Perth helps you understand your body type and formulate a customised health plan. Meet with our certified nutrition specialist to create a simple and sustainable plan. At CrossFit Revenant, we focus on education and changing the behavioural pattern so that you can take control of your own Nutritional plans. Create the perfect opportunity to transform your health with the ongoing support and accountability of your nutrition coach through Nutritional consultation.

Personal Training: Regularly training enthusiasts of CrossFit gym Wangara, we feel that if your current workouts are not bringing you closer to your goals then you must change them. Our programming is designed and conducted by some of the best coaches in the industry to ensure that you are making the most of every minute you spend inside the gym. Our fitness programs are so engaging and variable that you will never repeat the same program twice in a year.

Our aim is to change people’s perception of ‘CrossFit’ by building a functional fitness base for all our members. Unlike any other gym or health club where you come and swing your weights, at Crossfit Revenant, Perth, we believe in the holistic development of your body, mind and soul.




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