Keep your most precious possessions, your family and your home unsafe and unsecured with really cheap , ineffective junk from eBay or Amazon this year Who, in their right mind, would do this? Believe it or not , thousands do every year and they end up throwing the equipment away , or worse, they become victims of terrible crime because the equipment simply doesn’t do the job. Don’t waste your time, your money, or the welfare of your family on highly inflated rip-offs. Imitation security equipment is copied from professional security equipment like Hikvision, Aiphone, or Risco , only it’s made from poor quality components and thrown together with no concept of quality control. This ineffective rubbish is rebranded with random names , then flogged on eBay and Amazon at insanely inflated prices… at least 600% up to 1000% or more ! DIY Security Supplies can also buy $70 kits-in-boxes from China and resell them online for $500 but we would NEVER do this!! We absolutely refuse. After 30+ years in the technical, networking, cabling, and security industries we know what’s awesome and we know what’s rubbish. We have made a resolute commitment to our customers and to ourselves, only to EVER work with the highest quality electronic security manufacturers and the very best technology on the market. DIY Security Supplies brings professional equipment to you at extremely affordable prices DIRECT from the manufacturer’s Australian distribution centres. We operate on extremely low margins which are just enough to keep our doors open to the public and to pay our Aussie staff and keep Aussies in jobs. DIY Security Supplies is a 100% Australian owned and operated business. All our equipment is sourced directly within Australia, supported in Australia and comes with comprehensive Australian warranty. In the rare event that something does go wrong , we’re here to support you and get the problem fixed immediately without any fuss whatsoever. Don’t take a large risk buying unknown electronic security products when we can provide professional equipment at the lowest prices. For obligation free advice and help go to, email us at or just call us on 07-5641-2555. We genuinely WANT to help you get the quality you need for such a vital purpose.


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  • May 29, 2024 3:44 am local time

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