DQ Electrical is a renowned family-owned business in Adelaide that is dedicated to offer innovative and powerful electrical services in various regions and metropolitan areas of the city. We not only perform maintenance services and can handle any kind of repairs and servicing requirements but we are also known for our specialised services in the sphere of green energy.

The quarterly power or electricity bill is definitely one of the most pressing concerns every business owner in Adelaide faces. Through our services, you can go green and completely change the image of your business enterprise. Therefore whether you are the owner of a large or a small business, make sure you choose us for green electricity systems. We can also perform energy audits and save additional expenses on your power bills.

At DQ Electrical, we have technicians who can look into any kind of electrical problems that you may have. In case you are dealing with escalating power bills, issues with your house extension or a problematic switchboard, you can rely on us for the best expertise. Our company can provide you with ongoing support to all your power problems and you can expect to get our services at competitive rates. Our perfect workmanship guarantee makes us an electrical services company that you can rely on.

Our company offers installation for solar panel systems for all types of residential and commercial customers in Adelaide. You can expect to receive fully transparent services from us when you are looking to have high quality solar power systems installed. We are also very punctual and deliver thoroughly reliable consultation services. So book a free consultation with us today.

DQ Electrical, based in Gepps Cross, Adelaide, offers full-service residential, commercial, and industrial electrical support. Our team of highly skilled electricians provides efficient, fair price solutions that are tailored to your specific budget and needs.

DQ Electricals’ goal is to raise the bar when it comes to customer expectations, and we intend to do so by simply being dependable local Adelaide electricians who provide excellent quality work and simply do a great job.

You should go with DQ Electrical because we pride ourselves on being a dependable local electrical specialist who with their experienced teams simply does a good job. We do not believe that the terms “excellent” and “reliable” should be used lightly in advertising.

Anyone who has attempted appliance installation on their own knows that it can look simple and can sometimes turn into a nightmare.

There’s also the vexing problem of a brand-new appliance not having the PowerPoint in the right place to connect. Fortunately, our electricians are well-versed in all aspects of electrical work.



1/24 Port Wakefield Rd, Gepps Cross SA 5094, Australia

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