Do you want to learn to drive safely? English Driving School should be your best pick then since we not only provide high-quality driving lessons but also teach you in the car having the transmission of your choice. So, be it an automatic or a manual car, our experienced car driving instructors will teach you to drive efficiently.

We are one of the most demanded driving schools since the process of enrolling on the lessons are very easy. You just need to visit our website, click the ‘Book Now’ button, select the type of vehicle transmission in which you want to learn and find the instructors online according to your area. After that, you can select any of our packages and start learning.

We offer a wide range of driving packages. So, you can choose the one that suits you best.

However, if you are still concerned about the quality of our lessons, go through what our learners are saying about our courses posted on the website. We bet this will change your perspective.

Driving Lessons We Provide

We provide

• Automatic Driving Lessons

The advantage of the automatic car is that you don’t have to set your car on specific gear. The car will set it up automatically depending on how much you accelerate. However, our expert instructors will guide you on the ways to manoeuvre your car properly while obeying the road safety signs.

• Manual Driving Lessons

Manual cars offer more flexibility when it comes to driving through different situations such as rain, fog, etc. But they require practice. However, when our instructors are around, you will face no problems in attaining mastery over the subject.

Why Choose Us?

Choose us today since

» We have the most experienced instructors

» We have 24/7 training hours

» You can book our lessons online

» You get a wide array of cars in which you can learn

» You can get a free lesson by opting for a package

» You can convert your international licence from us

» You will learn in a dual controlled car to experience both types of transmissions

» You have the option of choosing an instructor

» You will get bonus logbook hours

» You can rate your driving instructors

» You can choose either a female or a male instructor as per your choice

» Our lessons are flexible


So, to learn from us today, visit our website and click the Book Now button now.


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