In January of this year, Logi Train published a new document called prince2 certification. This certification is the highest certification in the prince2 course. As we all know, applicants need to pass an exam to pass some PRINCE2 certifications (Elementary and Specialized level). Professional exams are examined individually. Applicants must attend a two-day event. During their studies, they work in groups and do practical research on many projects. The reviewer evaluates the work and evaluates the participants according to certain criteria.

Welcome to this new way to verify energy for prince2 certification. The official criticism of PRINCE2 is that it is test based. In my prince2 course, I found that graduates are more likely to write the final exam but have less business experience than older students but have more experience. PRINCE2 professionals bring this approach closer to its biggest competitor, the Project Management Center. ...

As a core course and degree, technical questions are handled by APMP accredited training firms. (ATO) The ATO list can be found on the APMG website. However, as this document continues to be released, many ATOs are celebrating.

Preparation for professional performance A detailed study of prince2 agile recommendations. Participants must ensure that PRINCE2 understands their views on the 19 competency areas driving the test. everything:

It is a good idea to review your experiences with the project and think about how you have used the 19 areas of competence. Even if you haven't got prince2 training in all of your previous projects, you'll find options for risk management and communications, for example. By combining theory and practice, you will find a good idea for your field.

In general, prince2 agile has been accepted as a complement to professional certification packages. It is currently difficult to check the reputation of documents. Perhaps in the current economic environment, people are looking for another competitive advantage and management will not be able to invest in another prince2 agile. It's time to say.

Logi Train is known as an expert in project management. He founded Orgutopia Consulting in 2003 and has since worked with a number of organizations including the BBC, Stigroup and the British Army on more complex projects.


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