Zagro Australia’s EUREKA GOLD® treatment for sheep lice is the one and only best available kind of treatment of sheep lice you can find on the shelves. Incidentally, EUREKA GOLD® has been and will be most ideal treatment for sheep lice that is widely accepted, recommended, and used by most farmers across the whole continent of Australia. Why? Well! Farmers, both new, and existing, have trusted EUREKA GOLD® to do the job of effectively getting rid sheep lice. Besides, not only the contents of the product are safe to use, the product is also environmentally-friendly.


EUREKA GOLD® is also an approved and only Diazinon form of treatment for sheep lice that is available in a spray-on formulation. EUREKA GOLD® has also been rigorously tested and proven effective in warding off the notorious breed of sheep lice such as the sheep biting louse (Bovicola Ovis) which was thought to have no known resistance before EUREKA GOLD® was introduced into the market.


You will also be amazed by some of the advantages of using Zagro’s EUREKA GOLD® product to treat sheep lice problems. These advantages include the products’ unique features including it’s convenient off-shears application which benefits users with low capital outlay, and is effective against lice resistant to synthetic pyrethroids. Moreover, EUREKA GOLD® has a rapid knock down impacts by eliminating lice fast, thus relieving the sheep from the irritation of lice soon after the treatment.


If you are looking the most trusted and best quality sheep lice treatment antidote for your sheep that provides rapid relief, is safe to use, environmentally-friendly, and most importantly, proven effective that is widely used Diazinon form of treatment and trusted by farmers across Australia, look no further than Zagro Australia’s EUREKA GOLD ® product.


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