If you are looking for Vets that love animals as much as you do you have come to the right place.

We are a specialised Sydney Vet Hospital that offers more unique services such as chronic pain management, reproduction support services for dogs and cats and animal physiotherapy.

We all love our own companion animals and we feel this helps us to understand how to care for yours that little bit more. As a Sydney Vet we are here to help you.


Veterinary Services Western Sydney - Comfort, Relief & Strength for All Animals


We know how hard it is to see an animal friend suffering. People often feel powerless to know how to help, but they know they want their pet to feel comfort and relief, and to regain good health and strength as soon as possible. That’s where we come in.


Fortunately, we offer specialist animal healthcare services that allow us to diagnose and treat in-house, in a calm, safe and clean environment. Your precious animal friend will receive the best of compassionate attention and care from our experienced practitioners.


If your pet requires professional care to bring them back to health, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Caring for Pets and Animals in Sydney's West


Our veterinarians and nurses at Greystanes Vet Clinic have many years of hands-on experience in working with all types of animals all over Sydney. No matter what pet you have, we know they are your precious and much-loved friend and companion and that you want the right treatment and approach for their good health and wellbeing.

We are here to make sure your pet receives the very best service and veterinary care available, at an affordable price.

·         General health and wellness check-ups

·         Vaccinations

·         Microchipping

·         Surgical procedures

·         In-house diagnostic imaging & lab testing


Health Check-Ups
We take care of many general pet health matters, including vaccinations and parasite control.

Many people wish they could communicate with their animals, to know how better to help them. We take away a lot of the guesswork. With our in-house diagnostic imaging and laboratory testing facilities, we are able to look in on your pet’s blood pressure, check on the health of their heart, teeth, eyes, thyroid and skin, and even detect signs of possible osteoarthritis.


Once you are well informed, and satisfied with your pet’s bill of health, it helps to ease the strain of any lingering concerns, knowing they are getting all the help and support they need in their various stages of life. We are here to serve with care and compassion, and help your pet live its happiest and best life!




We administer all standard core and non-core feline and canine vaccinations in our clinic and can arrange to remind you when the next one is recommended or due.

As each animal has its own unique constitution, with different lifestyle factors to take into account, we regard the dosage and regularity of vaccinations as individual in each case, rather than just taking a standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to your pet’s health. Ask us about a personalised recommended schedule suitable for your pet.




Pet microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and do not cause any pain or discomfort to the pet when implanted beneath its skin.


In NSW, all non-exempt cats and dogs are required by local councils to be microchipped by 12 weeks of age or before being sold or given away, and all cats and dogs are listed on the NSW Companion Animals Register.


Our clinic is an Authorised Identifier, approved to implant pet microchips. Once this is done, we enter the identification information on the Register and the owner is issued with a Certificate of Identification.




For bookings, vaccinations, specialist care and more, call or email our friendly team at Greystanes Vet Clinic.


26 Carnation Street, Greystanes NSW, Australia

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