Many adult smokers have no desire to give up smoking, however, most are becoming aware of the harm that cigarettes can cause. With this growing awareness, many people are looking to cut back or be more conscious of their smoking habits going forward. IQOS set out to meet this need and bring a positive change to the lives of smokers globally. The company's goal is to replace every cigarette in the hands of smokers with a less harmful alternative. Striving to bring the best smoke-free alternatives to the market, IQOS is the only brand with multiple alternatives to continued smoking. IQOS heated tobacco and VEEV starter vape kits were each designed with innovation at the forefront, offering smoke-free options to suit every preference. These products are not a tool for quitting but an alternative to continued smoking; each kit provides smokers with everything they need to transition to a smoke-free lifestyle. With the choice of E-liquid vaping and heated tobacco, adult smokers can find a better way to deliver nicotine that best suits their taste. Each device is crafted to be robust and to stay by the side of smokers for a long time to come. Whether it's the rising price of cigarettes or the desire to be a better you for your family, you can find an ideal smoking alternative at IQOS. Discover the innovation behind the company's incredible product range and start your IQOS journey today at


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