We are a small family business in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne Victoria and would love to share our story and reasons behind these amazing copper collars.

”KB Collars started at the kitchen table having breakfast, watching our 16 year old Springer Spaniel Princess as she was struggling to get up out of her bed. Stiff legged she was having trouble going up and down the stairs, and for her to go for a long walk was impossible. She had strong body odour and at the time she was allergic to grasses and her coat was course and dull. At this stage we talked to her saying “Back to the vet for you, my oldest friend!” as I was playing with my Copper Bracelet. A voice in my head to me, if the copper works for my arthritis it may work for my dog! Immediately I jumped up and took off her collar and wrapped a a pure copper wire around it, and placed it back on her. Within a week she was getting up so much easier and to much of my surprise her body odour was completely gone. Her skin condition had also improved and her coat was soft and becoming healthier. With these results on Princess, I began an 8 month trial with fantastic results. This is a simple solution and totally affordable! Copper is a natural sanitizer and helps reduce inflammation. It has been used for hundreds of years. Our Copper Collars may help your four legged family member ”

Pet owners will agree that dog collars serve numerous roles, other than ensuring your dog is by your side. Collars also give our furry friends an identity- something they can be recognised by. KB Cooper Collars & pet supplies are basically the upgraded, new and better version of regular pet collars. KB Cooper Collars release small amounts of copper into the pets’ body helping them ease joint pains and sore, as well as assist in moderating circulation issues. The release of copper also helps with arthritic pain, skin and coat conditions, stress levels and pet odours. It is common for elderly dogs to suffer from arthritis, and, certain breeds of dogs are more likely to develop arthritis than others. Dogs that are overweight tend to also develop arthritis due to the extra weight on their joints and conditions such as hip dysplasia and patellar subluxation cause cartilage erosion that aggravates arthritis. At KB Dog Copper Collars Australia, you can trust your pets with us to make them feel more comfortable with their own body by having a copper pet product especially, designer dog collars. It will only not look good on them, making it a fashion statement, but also help with any pain they are enduring.


South-East Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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