We are the Filter press manufacturers who present the full new chain of advanced Filter Presses, sustaining the efficiency and dependability of the best level to the shoppers who have grown to anticipate. We can outstandingly longer services, more reasonable operating costs, and lower maintenance.

Our advanced new SP Series is certain to outperform the traditional solid/liquid separation systems as filter press manufacturers. Automatic filter press in frame and plate, membrane configurations or open chamber, the series has exclusive engineering principles designed to supply the best solid filter cakes for complete dewatering applications. Any new frame designs incorporate rotating pin-joint connectors to distribute the hydraulic forces. Any maintenance-free plating shifter features automatic positive equivalent tracking and accurate plate alignment. Some extra standard value-added features incorporate pipe manifolds, pump systems, safety equipment, and drip trays. The SP Filter Presses are known within the 800, 1000 and 1200.

Membrane Filter Press Selection design creates watertight filtration chambers for easy cake discharge. Filter clothes finely or tightly meshed are applied to the 2 grooved surfaces in these plates.

Orifices provide the sludge to be screened below pressure within the filtration chamber. They're generally placed within the center of the plates, permitting a correct allocation of flow, right pressure, and good sludge drainage among the chamber.

Mining, polishing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries use membrane filter presses. To create sure that our solid-liquid separation equipment functions correctly, we build them to satisfy the particular needs of various industries and applications.

Because of its intelligibility and suppleness, the chamber Filter Press has been significantly put in clarification and dewatering applications. Membrane filter press machinery gets wide approval by minimizing filter cake's upcoming processing or disposal costs. The membrane Filter Press greatly decreases the remaining moisture content in many industries, making this technology demand new plants and upgrade existing facilities. In both cases, carefully selecting plate and membrane materials is required to finish the procedure successfully.



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