Best Quality Products Supplier of Merbau Decking Melbourne
We supply Merbau timbers that are superior in quality and suitable for all kinds of timber works like flooring or decking. Our products are widely used for construction jobs in Melbourne too.

We can fulfil your requirement of Merbau decking timber in Melbourne for your construction projects. You can develop beautiful looking and durable decks and floors at Merbau Best Prices.

How to maintain a Merbau Deck?
It is very crucial to maintain the deck to prevent any repairs or weather damage. If you regularly maintain the Merbau deck, it will last longer and add decor to the outer space. Always maintain the cleanliness of the deck and do the routine checkup of your deck.

You can follow steps that will help in the safety of your deck. These steps will make your deck great.

Step 1:- Washing the deck.

The first step to maintaining a Merbau Deck is to do pressure washing to avoid mould bacteria. The moulds can harm your deck. Pressure washing is the best way to keep the deck clean and safe.

Clean all the deck surfaces and remove dirt and grime.
You can use a putty knife to remove the debris in between the deck boards.
Do the sweeping of the deck properly.
Use a cleaning agent to clean the deck. Read all the instructions before applying any decking oil.
Always use medium pressure for cleaning the deck.
The cleaning agent that has Oxalic acid is best to use for old timber. It will make the timber look new.
Wait for a few days before applying Merbau Decking oil and follow property guidelines before applying any oil and stainer.
Step 2 – Using Merbau Decking oil and Stain checklist

The next step is to apply decking oil properly before sweeping the deck and all the left-out debris. You can also look out for protruding nails on the deck and remove them if needed.

Follow all the label directions properly.
Clean the excess water from the deck and its surrounding area.
For sealing, use the roller to seal the deck.
Do not coat the surface with thick oil; instead, apply two thin coats on the decking surface.
You should clean the excess material from the surface to avoid any shiny spots or stains.
Apply decking oil at moderate temperature. Temperature below 30 degrees is ideal for applying Merbau decking oil.
Do not apply the decking oil in direct sunlight, windy weather.
Always read the instructions properly written on the label of each product. As Merbau timber needs maintenance, you can complete the above steps in a span of 6 to 12 months.


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