Cheminee is the cutting edge French expression for the chimney, albeit in past references it has likewise been characterized as importance a chimney stack or a chimney encompass.

Fireplaces have developed over numerous hundreds of years with quite possibly the main changes made during the development of the Chateau de Chambord for the French King Francis I. It was presented during the Renaissance period in France and Francis being an enthusiastic benefactor of expressions of the human experience, supported numerous Italian craftsmen including the creator, stoneworker, and painter Leonardo Da Vinci to visit during the beginning phases of the Chateau's development. The principal building material was "Pierre de Chazelles" (stone of Chazelles), a fine quality brilliant stone, like high thickness limestone mined in Chazelles.

Enormous stone cut fireplaces Supplier Sydney highlighted in this estate which was not normal for any fireplaces present right now. The Chazelles stone and craftsmen were immediately pursued across France, working in different regions on numerous other fine chateaux. It is important now, that a portion of the craftsmen who worked on the Chateau were the predecessors of the current stone carvers of the chimney encompasses, utilized by Chazelles today.

The town of Chazelles is situated in Charente, of the French locale Poitou-Charentes, some portion of the Angouleme region, and is just 20 km from another Chateau d'Angouleme, acquired by Francis I.

Francis was brought into the world close to Cognac in 1494 and was Count of Angouleme. He chose to reestablish the Chateau d'Angouleme likewise utilizing the Chazelles stone. The significant structure was embraced over numerous years including expansions highlighting the Renaissance impacts of the time. Other French lords who were associated beforehand with the Chateau were Henri d' Angouleme (Henri II) and Charles IX the Duc d'Angouleme.

Keeping during the rules of french lords, Louis XIV, XV, and XVI, in the center 1600s to late 1700, chimney configuration kept on developing. Expand cut marble and stone chimney encompasses, and correlative mantlepieces were added and embellished with enormous mirrors. Others characterized the smokestacks with carvings from floor to roof.


Chazelles Cheminee was named after Chazelles, the spot where the organization was set up during the 1970s. The privately-owned company started with nine staff and now Chazelles representatives 450 individuals working in its 20,000 square meter creation plant covering 7 hectares of land.

Today, a portion of Chazelles' high energy and ecological exhibition fireboxes are improved with cut stone chimney encompasses got from a similar neighborhood Charente stone and painstakingly cut by Chazelle's exceptionally talented dealers. An ability embraced by them similar to their initial predecessors who created such excellent work on and in the Chateau d'Angouleme and numerous others. Their mastery appreciated by numerous who visit the Chateau today.

Chazelles is positioned as the main French maker of wood-consuming fireboxes. The industrial facility uses the most recent actually progressed hardware. The nature of materials and Chazelles measures guarantee that each chimney produced is of the best quality giving long periods of utilization and happiness for each client all through the world. Their scope of various sizes with 1 to 3 entryways oblige the warming of huge and little rooms and can be inherent the middle or side divider position. Chazelles is the world's first and number one sluggish ignition/open chimney with a one of a kind retractable glass entryway that gives you the decision of appreciating a genuine open fire alongside the proficiency and wellbeing of moderate burning warming when you slide the entryway safely down.


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