You like to buy an NDIS property? Like to invest in SDA property? Is your challenge to be get an NDIS property investment loan? You have spoken with your broker or banks and they said they are not able to do NDIS property loan.

This does not surprise us at all. We hear the same thing from at least 3-5 NDIS property investors everyday. Their day to day broker or lender is not to able assist them with NDIS property investing loan.

But not worries because we have a solution for you. We are NDIS Loan Experts and if you let us be a part of your NDIS property investing journey, we can get you an NDIS loan ( SDA Property Loan) in 3 simple steps.

We have specially and highly trained NDIS loan brokers or NDIS Specialist brokers who specialize in NDIS loan that will allow you to purchase NDIS property(SDA Property) including NDIS constriction loan, NDIS refinance loan or NDIS Property Purchase Loan.

We have access to many lenders, who can do NDIS loans. We use NDIS Rental Income or SDA Rental Income to service your loan or borrowing capacity so we never have a problem getting NDIS loan (SDA Investment Loan) approval.

We can do an NDIS loan up to 90% Loan to Value Ratio(LVR) including insurance or risk fee. Yes, you read it correctly - we can do NDIS loan up to 90% LVR, Whether it is SDA construction Loan, SDA Refinance Loan or SDA Purchase Loan.

We do not need any extra or additional documents than what you would; provide to get your home or residential investment loan.

We only need 3 things to get your loan sorted - Your ID document, your income document & evidence of Savings or Equity.

Yes, we use NDIS rental income to service your loan.

Normally, you would like to know about interest rate - interest rate for NDIS loan will be similar as a residential investment loan.

Not bad!!!

One last thing - you might have heard valuation typically comes lower for NDIS property. This is not true with us. 9 out of 10 times, NDIS property valuation comes right on the money with us. How do you get NDIS property valuation right? Simply because we, our NDIS lenders and NDIS valuers understand how NDIS property works.

NDIS looking easy now!! How can our specialist NDIS brokers make NDIS Investment Loan happen so easily? Simply because we understand how NDIS investing works (SDA Rental Payment), whilst 99% of other brokers have no idea.

This is what differentiates us from the rest and make us the NDIS Loan Experts.


27 Hunter Street, Parramatta NSW, Australia

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