Temporary security fencing is something so common that you see it everywhere. Every building site has them; those simple metal fences are made up of fence panels, feet and brackets. It's so simple, and the design hasn't changed in decades. There have been minor changes like some fencing panels have rounded off corners, or the feet can be plastic filled with sand instead of the traditional concrete block, but the overall design hasn't changed.

That is till now! Say hello to the new, revolutionary new temporary security fencing system by No Thru.

Why do we say it's revolutionary? Well, it has an entirely new design. It has been reworked from the ground up, starting with its new design foot block. The block has an interlocking system that stops the fencing panels from being lifted out. Then, the next fence panel locks into the previous panel and the next foot block. As a result, one person can place the whole temporary fencing system without help or tools in a matter of hours.

So, why would anyone go to the trouble of redesigning something so basic? Well, most temporary security fencing systems are anything but secure. Anyone can get past the fence in minutes; a quick, strong tug on the fencing panels and they can pop the fence open.

But imagine a truly secure temporary fencing system. Something that wouldn't need an entire team of security guards to secure the perimeter. Only the entrances you set, knowing that people can't just open the fencing panels! That's no longer only a dream; it's No Thru.

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No Thru
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