Flooring and the furniture in the home is the great factor to enhance the overall beauty of the home. Understanding this, we at Oslek Flooring are now working to implement several designs for the building from Europe to Australia. We have been in this field for such a long period and beautifying the living space. It might be timber floor coating, custom timber flooring, engineered timber flooring, etc. we will help you to manage them with high-quality service.

Services We Offer

We are the supply distributors with European wide board oak. We offer both the pre-finished and raw materials for your building. When you are looking for the parquetry panels and blocks, recycling engineered Australian fence paling, we are here to offer such services as well.

We also know the importance of maintaining the wellness of the floor, so we are also the best one to offer floor maintenance as well. Thus, as the leading service in places of Australia, we will offer timber flooring, oak flooring, wormy chestnut flooring, etc. you can contact us at any time and we will help you by fulfilling the needs appropriately.

How we are unique from other services

• We never compromise with the quality of the products and severs we offer

• We know their importance of money and so will offer you the most affordable service, which does not bite your pocket

• We offer as per our commitment and we will be punctual in the overall process

• We do not stop when the business gets over. If there are any needs of the completion of the work, we are here to help you

Our experience in the field

We have been importing the flooring for 11 years and started working at the wholesalers for the past 6 years. With these many years of experience, we have gained more good and bad things. We are working to promote the good and constantly working in the area that we need to improve.

Our area of service

We are based in Australia and our services are extended in some places in Australia like Sydney and Melbourne. Even if people around Sydney or Melbourne are looking for our services, you can contact us and we are here to serve you.

Contact us now to enhance the look of the flooring in your building!

By now, you might have understood more about us and got an idea of how we make service to our clients. Are you now interested to contact us? You can visit us directly at Oslek Timber Flooring, 18 Monomeeth Drive, Mitchan VIC 3132. When you call (03) 9877 1966 and it will get connected to our reception, so you can come in contact with us. Further, you can also find the contact form on our website. Fill and submit and we will reach you shortly. Let us work for you and we will help in enhancing the overall beauty of the floor and building!


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