Payless CCTV provides security camera for hire – offering an easy, cost effective construction site security solution for ultimate peace of mind. Whether you require security footage for the home, retail store, commercial development, education facility or sporting complex, we have a number of solutions designed to suit your needs and budget.

CCTV System

* Our CCTV systems can be set up as a permanent or temporary solution
* Purchase the system or rent on a month to month basis
* Our CCTV system includes full colour night vision and automatically sets off a siren and flash two spotlights upon motion in front of cameras
* Installation and setup is done by our professional CCTV technicians
* Receive a notification alert when someone enters your site


* 1 x Ezviz Bullet Camera with built-in Siren & Strobe
* 1 x Industrial 4G Modem
* 1 x Solar Panel
* 1 x 12,900 mAh Battery
* 1 x 4M Pole
* Warning Signage

* FHD 1080p Video
* 12,900 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
* Color Night Vision
* Built-in Storage
* Siren/Strobe
* Smart Human Motion Detection
* Active Defense
* Customizable Voice Alerts
* Two-Way Talk
* H.265 Video Compression
* Instant Alerts


Melbourne VIC, Australia

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