There are many PEMF therapy devices and systems on the market. These Swiss-made PEMF machines treat the whole body, which is extremely important. Where a health issue manifiests may not be the source of the problem. We then focus on specific areas of low voltage with more focuses PEMF applicators.

The iMRS Prime systems are the first PEMF systems with integrated biofeedback and brain entrainment available and will soon be TGA approved. Far-infrared is also available ( PEMF charges the cells using natural magnetic waves that flow completely through the body creating bio-electrical micro-currents. This boosts cellular efficiencies and improves overall health without side effects.

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy or pulse electromagnetic therapy is relatively new to Australia. It is used in hospitals in Germany and Eastern Europe for over twenty years and is backed by thousands of clinical studies. It is FDA approved in the USA for brain cancer, non-union bone fractures that won't heal, depression and incontinence.


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