Permission to Parent - SIMON BEAL - Clinical Psychologist Child Behaviour Expert

“Helping Parents of Children with Emotional & Behavioural Issues”

My focus is on children’s problem behaviour, regardless of a diagnosis, and most importantly, what parents can do about it. We have to prepare children for the real world. If your child’s behaviour is causing problems, it needs to be addressed, sooner rather than later. Please see my Behavioural Approach page or read my Blog, or follow our Podcast ‘Permission to Parent’. You can email me or simply book an appointment online and we can discuss everything in more detail. Telehealth is an excellent way for parents to discuss their concerns and decide on the best way to deal with their child’s challenging behaviour. See the Telehealth page for more information.

Parents need options and effective strategies when dealing with their child’s challenging behaviour. It’s time to put parents back in charge.


Adelaide South Australia 5000, Australia

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