A See My Life eTribute page and linked QR code allows your loved one to be remembered by more than just a few words on a headstone.

  1. Upload all their wonderful funeral content containing their life story in pictures, tribute messages and eulogy, to an online eTribute page linked to a QR Code.
  2. The eTribute page is instantly created along with a website address (URL) and linked QR Code
  3. The downloadable QR code can be sent to a Funeral Home, Cemetery or Stonemason and added to a headstone, plaque or funeral program.
  4. The QR Code & linked eTribute page show your loved ones life story, containing your most treasured pictures, tribute messages & eulogy.
  5. Anyone visiting your loved ones grave will then be able to scan the QR Code using their smartphone and see a dedicated web page containing pictures, videos and tributes to their wonderful life. The QR code can also be added to the funeral service program.

Scan the QR Code tag to see your loved ones life story.
Allow friends and family visiting your loved ones grave to scan the QR code on the headstone and relive all the wonderful memories from their funeral and stories that were part of their life. With a conventional headstone only a few words are provided to summarise your loved ones life. Everyone knows it’s simply not possible to encompass a life in just a few words.

By adding a QR Code linked to an eTribute page your loved ones headstone can keep their story alive for all people visiting their grave or crematorium headstone into the future.


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