SEQ Concrete Cutting has an extensive history of providing residential and commercial concrete cutting and drilling services throughout the South East Queensland region from the Sunshine Coast to the NSW border. With more than 10 years industry experience, our major projects include the Warrego highway west upgrade, sewage treatment plants, multinational supermarket projects, interstate petroleum upgrades, Legacy Way and Airport Link tunnels, and various projects throughout the Brisbane airport.

Do you need a large slab of concrete demolished or removed from your home or business? Our Concrete Demolition and Removal service on the Gold Coast is the answer to your problem.

What kind of projects can I concrete cutter work on?

Concrete cutters typically work on projects that involve cutting and shaping concrete surfaces, structures, and materials. Some common projects that a concrete cutter may work on include:

  1. Concrete Slab Cutting: This involves cutting concrete slabs for the installation of plumbing, electrical or HVAC systems, expansion joints, or access to underground utilities.
  2. Wall Sawing: This involves cutting openings in concrete walls to create new doorways, windows, or ventilation systems.
  3. Concrete Demolition: This involves cutting through and removing concrete structures such as pillars, foundations, and sidewalks.
  4. Core Drilling: This involves creating holes in concrete for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems or for anchoring equipment.
  5. Concrete Grinding and Polishing: This involves using specialized equipment to smooth and polish concrete surfaces for decorative or functional purposes.
  6. Concrete Scanning: This involves using specialized equipment to locate and identify underground utilities, rebar, and other materials embedded in concrete structures.
  7. Bridge and Road Work: This involves cutting and shaping concrete structures for the construction or repair of bridges and roads.

Overall, concrete cutters play an essential role in a variety of construction and renovation projects, ensuring that concrete is cut and shaped accurately and safely to meet specific requirements and standards.

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