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Sparkle Cleaning Service provides a complete range of cleaning solutions for offices, restaurants, retail stores, clinics, and other commercial buildings. We have extensive experience in cleaning commercial buildings allowing us to deliver top-notch services at the most reasonable prices. Our well trained cleaning staff and advanced cleaning tools to make your property spotless

Sparkle Cleaners For All Of Your Business Cleaning Needs:

From malls and supermarkets to daycare and grocery stores, our team can clean all types of commercial buildings. We understand the unique cleaning needs of commercial spaces and customize our services to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether your floors are dirty or furniture is filled with dust, we can deep clean every part of your space. We have a team of licensed cleaners who have expertise in cleaning all types of surfaces. Our cleaners also have complete knowledge of treating all types of stains.

Cutting-Edge Janitorial Service:

Our goal is to keep your office neat and clean all the time. To achieve this goal, we use the most effective cleaning techniques, advanced cleaning equipment, and safe cleaning products. Whether your exterior needs thorough cleaning or you want dust-free and germ-free interiors, we are here to help. We have become the most trusted commercial cleaning service in Melbourne because we provide cost-effective cleaning solutions for schools, offices, salons, restaurants, gyms, warehouses, retail stores, medical offices, labs, corporate offices, or other commercial buildings.

Our cleaning services include:

office cleaning Melbourne

• Commercial Janitorial Services

• Disinfecting Services

• Carpet Cleaning

• Move-Out Cleaning

• And More!


"Office Cleaning Services By Sparkle Office Cleaning"

At Sparkle Cleaning Service, we understand the importance of a clean and hygienic workspace. Keeping your office clean is the best way to keep your employees healthy, increase productivity, and create a positive image of your business. As the best office cleaners in Melbourne, we provide highly effective cleaning solutions to clean those stubborn stains and lurking bacteria on the surfaces.

Our office cleaning services include dusting desks, cleaning floors, windows, doors, and all other surfaces that accumulate dust and dirt. We always use eco-friendly cleaning agents to make your space look fresh and hygienic. Our focus is to remove all the bacteria, viruses, and harmful dust particles that could harm your health. We also provide disinfection services without using harsh chemicals that can adversely impact your health or ruin surfaces.

The cleaning professionals we employ are trained and certified. We always perform background checks to ensure your complete safety. Besides offering customized cleaning solutions, we also schedule our services to suit your convenience. You can choose to schedule cleaning services daily, multiple times per week, weekly, or even bi-weekly. Also, you get the complete freedom to choose timings throughout the day or night.

We have specialized cleaning agents and tools to clean every corner of your office- conference rooms, cubicles, lobby, reception, break rooms, washroom, and more. Our cleaning services are reasonably priced and we also provide on-site consultations to give you an accurate quote. We make sure you don’t have to pay hidden charges after the cleaning job is complete.

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