Set up in May 2013, The Beauty and Brow Parlor has since extended to more than 49 stores in Melbourne and Victoria just as in Adelaide and Sydney. The organization likewise has serious strategies to grow all over Australia soon.



The Beauty and Brow Parlor are a stringing expert in Australia and pioneers in our specialty in this conventional strategy for hair expulsion. Stringing permits us to eliminate undesirable hair with unequaled exactness and accuracy. It includes multiplying and bending a slender string, then turning the string over the undesirable hairs. The contact of the turned string hauls the hair out at the root. This is speedier than culling and less difficult than waxing. While likewise making less waste than waxing (no synthetics, wax, strips, or wreck), it is additionally gentler on your skin leaving your skin smoother with less redness and disturbance.

No arrangement is needed for stringing. The cycle should take no longer than 15 minutes. While eyebrow stringing might be the most mainstream, we additionally offer stringing for any remaining regions of the face, for example, upper lip, brow, jaw, sideburns just as full-face stringing which will leave your skin looking smooth and clear. Our group of exceptionally talented cosmetologists will watch out for your brows, help you locate your characteristic curve, and make the best eyebrow shape for your face without fail. Beauty Salon reasonable costs permit you to make and keep up your brow shape, engaging you to show the world your certainty.


Waxing has numerous advantages, for example, enduring outcomes, in light of the fact that the hair is being eliminated from the root with wax and strips. At the point when the hair, in the end, develops back, it will be better, more vulnerable, and gentler. Waxing will likewise shed any dead skin cells as it eliminates hair from the root, leaving your hair smooth and without hair.

At the Beauty and Brow Parlor, our exceptionally gifted cosmetologists are hair evacuation trained professionals. We offer to wax as a protected, clean, and longer enduring hair evacuation technique which is profoundly powerful in eliminating a lot of hair in one go or from bigger territories of the body, for example, underarms, arms, stomach zone, back, legs, swimsuit or Brazilian.

You can choose half or full arm wax, half or full back wax, and a half or full leg wax. The swimsuit line wax eliminates hair obvious outside of a swimming outfit or clothing while the Brazilian leaves just a characteristic looking focal portion of hair.

On the off chance that you incline toward waxing over stringing, we are additionally ready to wax regions of the face, for example, eyebrows, upper lip, jaw, sideburns, temple, or full face.

We accept that beauty starts with self-gratefulness and that self-care is a need not an extravagance. This is reflected in our entirely reasonable valuing. No arrangement is essential for brow and lashes coloring.


Coloring will give you a more obscure and more perceptible and characterized brow and lash line. In the event that your brows or lashes are light-shaded, fine, scanty, or scarcely there, eyebrow and eyelash coloring would be the ideal answer for emphasizing your eyes flawlessly. Our exceptionally talented beauty experts at The Beauty and Brow Parlor will assist you with picking an appropriate tone from our wide scope of colors for your brows and lashes.

Our brow and lash colors are a type of hair color produced for explicit use on brows and lashes. They are semi-perpetual shading intended to last as long as about a month and a half. Lash coloring produces a comparable impact to mascara, obviously lengthening, obscuring, and thickening the presence of eyelashes without smearing, coagulating, or focusing on.

At the Beauty Parlor, the administrations we give are done utilizing just the best business guidelines and safe practices. We firmly accept that self-care is a need, not an extravagance. This is reflected in our entirely reasonable valuing. No arrangement is vital for brow and lashes coloring.

- makeup

The Beauty and Brow Parlor are specialists comparable to the utilization of make-up and are unrivaled in make-up administrations Melbourne. We accept that self-care is a prerequisite, not just an extravagance.

As a component of the Beauty and Brow Parlors conviction that to accomplish beauty, it is important to initially have self-acknowledgment, we endeavor to offer this to our esteemed customers through the use of medicines, for example, our expert make-up administrations.

Furthermore, when our accomplished and committed cosmetologists apply this treatment, you will profit from an expert evaluation of your facial characteristics and highlights as we plan the most ideal make-up for your exceptional beauty.

Moreover, besides the most ideal treatment by our group, you will profit from the most moderate valuing structure accessible for our make up administrations, and any remaining medicines accessible.

Post-treatment, you will cheer as you feel certain and self-acknowledgment so you can prevail in your life. The Beauty and Brow Parlor is devoted to giving this experience to you, with no other salon ready to give the level of care and commitment, for example, what you will find inside our various stores.


At Beauty and Brow Parlor as a component of our central goal to enable you to carry on with life feeling wonderful and acknowledged, we give facial treatment Melbourne, applied by the most experienced cosmetologists.

You will be astonished at the amount of contamination, earth, grime, and dead skin that gathers on the face after some time. Sadly, it can regularly be inconceivable for home purging to appropriately eliminate these undesirable substances from your skin.

The Beauty and Brow Parlor's accomplished group can furnish you with an expert treatment that will leave you with a profoundly purified and revived skin appearance and tone.

Our energetic staff adopts an individual strategy joining your interesting facial prerequisites to furnish you with the most ideal facial purifying to assist you with accomplishing self-acknowledgment and enabled us to prevail in your life.

Advantages of getting our facial medicines incorporate aiding your skin start new cell turnover, empowering the development of new, solid cells. Furthermore, facials improve characteristics, for example, the skin's tone, surface, and versatility by battling the adverse impacts of air contamination and sun openness.

Facial medicines are one of the numerous administrations accessible as a component of our obligation to multiplying beauty as a prerequisite, not just a guilty pleasure.


Lasting eyelash augmentations are waterproof and give the presence of having mascara on without the smirching and muddled bunches. A solitary lash is applied to every common lash. The bond is intended to go on until the lashes normally drop out.

Brief lashes are intended to be worn for a brief time of one to two days. They can be made with an assortment of materials and are applied with lash stick planned explicitly for transitory lashes.

At The Beauty Parlor, we utilize the best quality individual eyelashes and have the greatest scope of lashes to browse. Our devotion guarantees that you get the most exceptional eyelash expansions accessible available while assisting you with making another search for that unique event.


Skin medicines are a significant help that you ought not to deny yourself, containing numerous advantages for your prosperity including; the evacuation of undesirable poisons and microorganisms which can't be accomplished from home cleaning. Furthermore, these undesirable items on your skin can prompt sickness and imperfections, nonetheless, The Beauty and Brow Parlor skin therapies applied by our energetic cosmetologists can successfully evade for you.

Moreover, our master skin medicines have the constructive outcome of profound purging and hydrating the skin, Consequentially, making a day to day existence improving the feeling of restoration just as the advantage of peeling, which can eliminate dead skin and prepare for new skin cells to thrive Furthermore, the beneficial outcomes of our skin medicines is the capacity to purify the skin as well as help in clearing up imperfections or pimples. Saturating the skin may help it feel much improved, nonetheless, you pass up steaming which can open the pores, and shedding that can get freed substances that might be stopping up the pores.

These cycles help clear up the skin to look its most excellent self. We couldn't imagine anything better than to help you feel your most excellent self-conceivable, which our skin treatment Melbourne can accomplish for you.


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