Established in 2011, Tuah Herbal, trading as Tuah Trading Pty Ltd, is South East Asia`s leading supplier of alternative tobacco- Hookah- Accessories. Aside from our domestic Australian market, our strongest export markets are East Asia and Europe. Based in Melbourne, Australia.

Tuah Herbal produces the finest, 100% natural, organic flavoured, premium alternative tobacco hookah flavour.

- Organic & Herbal Hookah Flavours In Melbourne

Do you want to enjoy Hookah but not after the head rush, just to chill and unwind the bullsh**. Try Tuah Organic Flavour, which is made from corn husk.

By purchasing Tuah Herbal Flavours, you can kick back and relax, as your customers enjoy our alternative tobacco shisha flavours. So, Shisha Melbourne if you have been desiring regular a supply of a sustainable, hassle-free, Shisha tobacco product, then Tuah Herbal is your genie in the bottle, except we now reside in a shisha pipe.

As we have said, Tuah Herbal is an organic product; made from CORNHUSK. TUAH HERBAL is the FIRST hookah in the world made from cornhusk, a completely sustainable and renewable raw product. Not only are we supporting a 100% natural product, but we are also supporting the Organic Industry.

- Dear Tuah Herbal, WTF is corn husk??

Tuah Herbal is made from corn husk and is the first SHISHA in the world created from this organic product. We source it from Malaysian growers and research shows that it contains bioactive compounds, these provide health benefits that are free from the chemicals, pesticides and other health problems associated with smoking nicotine based hookah tobacco.

By using corn husk to create our Tuah Herbal Flavour, we are proudly 100% nicotine-free.

Welcome to Tuah GroundYour better choice for Hookah Flavours in Melbourne

Tuah Herbal, we believe a desire to experience all the delights life has to offer is the key to our enlightenment and awakening.


Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

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